Speak to Inspire Method™
The #1 and ONLY Speaker Certification
for Visionary Leaders

Are you ready to create your profitable business signing up clients easily and effortlessly using your unique expertise? 

Visionary leaders: now is the time to create your legacy! This is for YOU! 

Build Your Business Speaking Online

Be Authentic. Be Engaging. Be Inspiring.

The Speak to Inspire Method™ Certification Program is a fully customized (done-with-you) Business Building System for marketing yourself and signing up clients that includes everything you need to build a profitable business by speaking and leading workshops.

This is the proven model taught to our VIP clients, perfected and used over and over to fill our own programs without the typical sell from the stage type tactics.

Build Your Business and Create Your Legacy

Your Speak to Inspire Method™ Speaking System is specifically designed to use the light you have inside that comes out when you teach, lead, and speak – with what your dream clients want – in a way that draws them to  you easily and authentically in 3 Easy Steps:

Step #1: LEARN!

We’ll start with creating your Speak to Inspire Method™ Speaking System.  You’ll learn how to authentically sign up clients speaking online (over Zoom, FB live or any online platform).  

This is the same model used in our own business to sign up clients and taught to our VIP clients.  It’s been perfected and used over and over to sign up clients, and fill our own programs without the typical sell from the stage type tactics.  It includes a fully customized (done-with-you) marketing plan that includes everything you need to easily and effortlessly build a profitable business by speaking and leading workshops.

Our 7 module certification program focuses on developing your visionary leader skills as a way to sign up all the clients you need by using your unique style to speak and lead workshops.

Step #2: LAUNCH!

Next, we’ll design your high value AND high converting framework for your online speaking – talk or workshop.  This will be your high-value, and high converting Speak to Inspire Method™ system that you can use over and over again to sign up new clients – without any of the sales-pitch type tactics. 


We want to get this done early so that you can schedule and deliver 1-2 ZOOM workshops using the proven Speak to Inspire Method™ while you learning so that you start signing up clients right away.

Our client, Tonya signed 2 new clients right away after completing her Speak to Inspire Method™ certification, Susan B. signed 3 new clients and had 17 people (yes really) sign up to be on her waiting list. We want that for you!


We’ll also focus on fine tuning your skills, so that you are able to connect powerfully with your dream clients.  This is so that you build a connection that creates trust, familiarity and we also cover how to deliver your Speak to Inspire Method™ talk/workshop in a powerful and inspirational way so that you attract and sign up the exact clients and money you’re after.  


These are the core skills that makes your zoom/workshop over the top successful – so that clients sign up easily and effortlessly.  We’ve been perfecting this for years, and we have it down to a science. 


… Without taking a lot of time


… Without needing to learn or use any of the typical sell from the stage type tactics


… Without trying to figure out a system and build it out all on your own

Imagine holding one simple talk or workshop and hitting your revenue goals for the month!

Imagine what it would be like to build a business (either full time or on the side) by sharing your unique expertise in a way that positions you as a leader and visionary. 

Where you get to build a business consulting clients from anywhere in the world.

Creating your own schedule.  Making your own money.  Being your own boss. 

I could have saved years of stumbling around, trying to figure stuff out if I would have come across an offer like Speak to Inspire back then. That would have been a jackpot of gold for me! So glad I have it now 😀

Suzy Day

CCHt, MHC, MBWP, Speak to Inspire Method™ Certified Speaker/Facilitator, Daylight Awakenings

Step #3: LEAP!

Once we’ve got your Speak to Inspire Method™ system in place  and your high value and high converting ZOOM workshop ready to go…you’ll want to execute fast! So, we’ll finish up with designing the ultimate go-to-market business building plan for you and your business.  We’ll take my resources and templates and customize them for YOUR business. 

Clients, Emma, Suzy and Susan have all been selected and booked for multiple speaking gigs  for online conferences because of the skills and credibility the Speak to Inspire Method™ certification gave them.  I personally have signed up VIP clients from outside speaking and have been booked 4 times in the last 4 months for speaking gigs.  When you get booked once, meeting planners remember you because the Speak to Inspire Method™ is so powerful and results in them booking you over and over again


Expand to the next level by surrounding yourself with experts, resources, and other visionary leaders.  One of the most overlooked opportunities for powerfully growing your business is surrounding yourself with like-minded high achievers. 

Those who are also creating a legacy by changing lives, doing it their own way.  This is your opportunity to connect and collaborate right away with a small circle of colleagues, other heart-centered movers and shakers that can help you  increase your effectiveness exponentially.

I am so passionate about speaking because it is one of the simplest and easiest ways to authentically connect with your dream clients.

How do I know?

Because when I started using the Speak to Inspire Method™ my income started to go through the roof.

You can imagine what this kind of revenue flowing easily into your business month after month can open up for you.

Imagine the freedom.

Imagine the confidence.

Imagine the Legacy you’ll create and the transformation you’ll provide for your clients – the exact thing they are craving right now.

What’s Included in the Speak to Inspire Method™ Certification Program

Each week we will focus on developing your visionary leader skills and implementing your money making growth strategy so that you can sign up clients easily and get high visibility in your field using your certification as a key differentiation.

Preparation &
Module 1

Your Unique Voice that Enrolls Clients


The Six (6) Core Skills of a Visionary Leader & the Speak to Inspire Method™

Module 2

Foundation and Assessment


How to Create Your Signature Talk Style Foundation

Module 3

Engaging and Experiences

How to Sell From the Stage without "Selling" using Engaging and Transformational Experiences

Module 4

Presentation and Inspiration

Mastering Your Brand & Presence on and off the “Stage”

Module 5

Executive Execution

Implementation Strategies to Scale Business Growth

Module 6

Time to Scale

Online Marketing and Business Building

You’ll also get customized mentorship and support including:


Weekly 2 hour Live Group Certification calls with Diahana and her Master Trainers. (All sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live.)


Weekly Open Office Hours with Diahana and her team of experts so that you can get additional one-on-one attention and feedback


Private Success Coaching Calls – 1x a month with our success coach as you implement your enrollment system


Harmonious CEO Monthly Goal System – monthly goal system focused on practical actions and mindset strategy for you to use to stay on track and in a high level mindset

Not only do you get hands on training, but you also get:

  • Done-with-you a FULLY customizable system – our very own proven process that will allow you to confidently sign up new consulting clients quickly


  • 3 Done-for-You Outlines & Marketing talk and workshop outlines that you can fully customize plus a full marketing start-up package that includes: planning calendar, preparation checklist, lead funnel template, and pre-written marketing copy

  • Harmonious CEO Training Hub that includes tools, videos, templates, swipe files, audios and more on topics such as: How to have a heart-centered sales conversation, Great places to find clients, How to get booked, Heart-Centered Networking on LinkedIn, and Discovering Your Spiritual Sales Style



  • Beautiful Certificate you can display in your office

  • Exclusive group with Diahana, her coaches and the other members to ask questions, receive community support and inspiration


  • Diahana’s Private Business Resources VAULT that includes valuable swipe files, tools, system checklists, and services she uses in her business that are vetted and trusted


  • Official Speaker Certified Status – Upon completion you will receive your SPEAK TO INSPIRE Method™ Certification you can use as your KEY DIFFERENTIATOR. THIS is how you will stand out miles ahead of your competition


  • Full Permission (upon completion) to use the STIM Online Speaking Certification designation in your signature and on your website


    Ready to get started?

    Speak to Inspire Method™
    Certification Program

    Pay in Full $2400
    (Earn Your Certified Speaker Designation)


    3 Monthly Payments of $800

    Get Started TODAY!

    How About Some Bonuses?

    Bonus #1:

    Done for you marketing package:  Listing in our Global Speaker Directory, Press Release, Full Ad Design or Speaker 1 sheet, plus a Social Media Graphics pack that you can use to promote yourself.

    Bonus #2:

    How To Create Your Amazing Package/Offer Training Session:  Use This powerful 3 part training with one of our ELITE Coaches to help you design the perfect offer for you and your clients. 

    About Diahana Barnes – Success Strategist, Coach, Mentor and Consultant

    I’m Diahana Barnes, Success Strategist, Coach, Mentor, and Consultant to executive visionary leaders who are ready to grow the business by inspiring others to take massive action. They want to communicate from the heart in a way that transforms lives and translates into increased sales and achieving big revenue goals.

    I already know you’re great at what you do and you have a big vision. But having a vision and SHARING a vision in a way that’s powerful and impactful are two completely different things.

    If you want help with the latter, I’m your woman.

    After nearly 10 years of trying to juggle both a demanding corporate job and a side business I finally, “retired” from the corporate world. Sometimes I still pinch myself at how lucky I am to finally be arm-in-arm with freedom. I never miss my kids’ volleyball games or swim meets, EVER. And when I’m there, I can’t help but feel bad for the guy who spends the whole time in the bleachers on his phone with the office when he should be watching the game. That used to be me. But now I am in complete harmony with myself, my business, and living the exact life I want with abundance.

    Diahana has been featured on:

    What Others are Saying

    Diahana is a dynamic consultant, mentor and strategist. She works seamlessly with executive leaders and their teams to communicate and share their vision in such a way that it inspires others to stretch for a higher level – increasing confidence and results.

    Juli Walwyn

    Sr. Director Revenue Enablement, MINDBODY

    Teaching this method dove tails nicely as a training opportunity to help my clients grow their businesses and give them tools to  succeed.

    Tonya Sowles

    Speak to Inspire Method™ Certified Speaker/Facilitator, Sowles Consulting

    The Speak to Inspire Method™ is unique in design because it actually gives you permission to be who YOU are – in your full authenticity. It’s a matter of flow, instead of force. This foundation naturally allows you to attract the people who will benefit the most from your offerings/services because you shine your message from the light of your own spiritual brilliance.

    Suzy Day

    CCHt, MHC, MBWP, Speak to Inspire Method™ Certified Speaker/Facilitator, Daylight Awakenings

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I use this model for myself?

    (We have clients that use our model in two key ways:

    1. As an added revenue stream to their business
    Tonya who provides unique solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals from business training, human resources, customer service and project management.

    “…(using) this method dove tails nicely as a training opportunity to help my clients grow their businesses and give them tools to  succeed.”

    Emma provides businesses success through strong risk, quality and safety systems.  She became a certified speaker (and as an ELITE client a facilitator as well) to use as an added revenue stream to teach others who stand up to speak to be more effective, and as part of her current offering, to help leaders within a business communicate more effectively.

    2. As their own lead generation and enrollment strategy
    Sonja is currently an organizational development consultant looking to create her own legacy and business.  Ideally leaving the corporate sector and using her certification as a lead generation and enrollment strategy for her business and to use the done-for-you STIM content as an added value to to her program

    How does the program work?

    You will receive immediate access to all the resources, manual, group and content. Each week we meet over Zoom to cover a module and customize it for your situation and goals.  You can move at your own pace or at the one we set. 

    This seems a little airy-fairy too good to be true - how can I sign up clients so easily?

    Here’s the thing….It’s not magic fairy dust….there are elements of marketing and positioning you as a visionary leader at work. BUT they’re not the sell from the stage, pre-selling, seeding tactics that you’re used to. This is about teaching you our method and giving you permission to teach it, incorporating your own authentic voice and leveraging your natural gifts in a way that amplifies and attracts clients to YOU so that you can add revenue to your business.

    Will this work for me? What if I don’t have my offer dialed in?

    No problem. We will give you several client alignment exercises you can do to identify the best program/offer for you and your clients.  This works the fastest when you already have a program/offer in place, but if you have a proven passion for working with people, leading and teaching and you KNOW your meant to change lives, it will all fall into place.

    You’ll use our Speak to Inspire Method™ framework to fill your own VIP roster, group program, and retreats and use it to help others.

    Is there really a satisfaction guarantee? - YES!


    Do I get lifetime access to the content?


    Even More Client Results

    3 New Clients, 1 Renewing Client, and 17 (yes, you read that correctly) people signed up eagerly to be on her waiting list for her upcoming program!

    Susan Burrell

    Live Your Empowered Life, https://www.susanburrell.com/

    Michelle closed three new clients for $15,000 in new revenue in 1 week – after enrolling in Elite and using the Speak to Inspire Method to achieve this success.

    Michelle Depres

    Awaken Business School

    Before working with Diahana I was feeling stuck. I need to be attracting potential clients. I’m working through (another program) but I just feel stuck. I was at a loss, pretty much treading water…

    Within 1 week of our coaching call I signed a brand new client for my Virtual Rockstar program (yay) and got an order for my 1/2 day intensive while I was sleeping last night!

    Julie Kick


    Imagine doing one talk or a short workshop, either online or in-person, once a month, and suddenly your monthly revenue goals are met.

    This doesn’t have to just be a daydream.

    This could be your reality if you make the decision to leverage your speaking to easily and effortlessly sign up all the clients you need.